Russell Edwards AMPS Production Sound Mixer/Sound Recordist

Documentaries and Entertainment

Postcards From Planet Earth, MSG Sphere Las Vegas, MSG Productions, Director Darren Aranofsky.

Limitless, Disney/Nutopia Productions, Director Darren Aronofsky, Producer Ari Handel. Starring Chris Hemsworth.

Welcome to earth, Disney/Nutopia Productions, Director Darren Aronofsky, Producer Ari Handel. Starring Will Smith.

Billy Connolly, made is Scotland, 7Wonder, Director Mike Reilly, Producer Katie Brewer.

Clarksons Farm, Amazon Prods, Director Gavin Whitehead, Producer Andy Wilman.

Mars : One day on the red planet, National Geographic,Director Martin Johnson, Producer Fleur Bone.

Gone Fishing, Owl Power prods, Director Will Yapp, Producer Lisa Clark.

Formula E, Feature Doc, Leroy and Morton Prods, Director Fisher Stevens, Producer Shirel Kozak.

The Grand Tour, Seasons 1, 2 and 3 and ongoing specials. Chump and Sons Productions, Amazon Prime, Location sound supervisor, Directors Phil Churchward and Kit Lynch-Robinson, Producer Andy Wilman.

Drive, Twofour prods, 10 x 1 hours, Director Graham sherrington, Producer Nic Patten.

The Railways that built Britain, 2 x 1 hour documentary, Director Tim Usborne, Producer Ed Booth.

Blitz Cities, BBC Documentary, Director Richard Weller, Producer Richard Weller.

Mumbai Railways, BBC documentary, Director and Producer Jon Eastman.

Quizeum, Modern tv, Director Producer Andrew Fettis

Top Gear, BBC, Location Sound supervisor, I filmed with Top Gear for 11 years, including the North Pole special, the Botswana special and the Vietnam and Burmese, America, Argentinian, African and the middle east specials. Directed by Nigel Simpkiss and Phil Churchward, Executive Producer Andy Wilman.

The Spitfire: Britains flying past with John Sergeant, BBC 1 hour programme documentary, Director and Producer Eoin O’Shea.

Natures Boldest Thieves, Finestripe Productions 1 hour Documentary, Director David Hepburn.

Red Arrows Inside the Bubble, BBC 1 hour documentary, Director and Producer Eoin O’Shea.

Keeping Britain Safe, BBC, 4 x 1 hour programmes documentary, Director Nick Manley, Producer Ian Maccles.

PQ17: An Artic Convoy Disaster, BBC, 1 hour documentary,Director Richard Pearson, Producer Dan Trelford.

Frost On Sketch Shows, David Paradine Productions, Director Andrew Fettiss, Producer David Paradine.

League Of Their Own, CPL Productions, Series for Sky, Director Brian Klein, Producer David Taylor.

Richard E Grants Hotels, Burning Bright Productions, 8 x one hour’s for Sky Atlantic, Director and Producer Mike O’reilly.

Three Men In A Boat, Liberty Bell Productions, Collections of 2 x 1 hour specials, for the BBC,, Director and Producer Andrew Fettis.

Dynamo’s Mission Impossible, Phil McIntyre Productions, Series 2, Director Mark McQueen, Producer Dan Albion.

Stephen Fry Gadget Man, North One Television, 6 x 1/2 hours series for channel 4, Director Mark Mcqueen, Producer Alex Armstead.

The Only Way Is Essex, Lime tv productions, Director Mark McQueen, Producer Gyles Neville.

Hestons Fantastical Foods, Betty Tv Productions, 7 x 1 hour’s, for channel 4, Director Jay Taylor, Producer Rebecca Arnold.

All Roads Lead Home, BBC, Director/Producer Andrew Fettis.

Britains Secret Seas, BBC, Director Paul Olding, Producer Sophie Todd.

Great British Hairdresser, Splash Media, Sound supervisor, Director Mark Mcqueen, Producer Steven Kidgell.

Feast with Heston Blumenthal, Sound supervisor, Optomen Pictures, two series of 5 x 1 hour programmes, Director Jay Taylor, Producer Tim Whitwell.

Gordon Ramsays Great Escapes, One Potato Two Potato Films, A 6 x 1 hour cooking travel log in India and Asia, Director Tim Whitwell, Producer Amanda Murray.

Last Man standing, BBC, Documentary following 6 contestants to 12 remote tribes around the world competing in local sports, Director Jay Taylor, Producer Gary Hunter

Last Woman Standing, BBC, Documentary following 5 contestants around the world to 6 different tribes, Director Jay Taylor, Producer Gary Hunter.

UFO’s The Secret Evidence, Oxford Films, 2 hour documentary/drama for channel 4, Director Alex Hearle, Producer Sue Jones.

Team Qatar, Drive Thru Pictures, A storyville documentary, Director Liz Mermin, Producer Liz Mermin.

Greatest Cities Of The world, Modern Television, 2 x 1 hours documentary, Director Andrew Fettis, Producer

Discovery Project Earth, Impossible Pictures, Director by Sid Bennett, Producer David Herman.

The Apprentice, BBC, 3rd series, Director Andy Devonshire, Producer Newton Velji.

James May’s Top Toys, BBC, A 1 hour special, Director Scott Tankard, Producer Tracey Jeune.

Columbia’s Last Flight, Darlow Smithson, 1 hour docudrama, Director Sid Bennett, Producer Anna Kirkwood.

The Victoris Cross: For Valour, Chrysalis Television, A 1 hour docudrama, Director Richard Pearson, Producer Andy Wilman.

Obsessions- Whos normal anyway, BBC, A 2 x 1 hour BBC documentary studying obsessive compulsive disorders.

Homeopathy the test – Horizon, BBC, 1 hour documentary, Director/Producer Nathan Williams.

MacIntyres Underworld, Extreme Productions, Director by Donal Mcintyre, Producer Michael Simkin.

Seconds From Disaster, Darlow Smithson Pictures, 1 hour docudrama, Director Sid Bennett, Producer Tom Adams.

Speed, BBC, 6 x ½ hour documentaries, Director John Maguire, Producer Ed Booth.

Wild Weather, BBC, Bafta best sound nomiminated 6 x ½ hour documentaries, Director by John Maguire, Producer Phillip Koch.

Life Of Grime, BBC, Narrator John Peel, Director/Producer Joyce Trozzo.

Commando Raids of World War 2, Darlow Smithson Pictures, docudrama, Director/Producer Scott Tankard.

Medicine Man, Uden Associates, documentary for National Geographic, Director/Producer Jim Sayer.

How The Victorians Wired The World, Blakeway Productions, hour docudrama, Director/Producer Russell Barnes.

World In Action-The Untouchables, BBC, Undercover reporting for the BBC, Director/Producer Alex Holmes.

The Rocket Man, Discovery Channel, Director Dan Wilkes.

What Not To Wear, BBC, Director Scott Tankard, Producer Dean Slotar

Soldiers To Be, BBC, fly on the wall documentary, Director Tim Whitwell.

Paddington Green, Lion Television, Fly on the wall documentary, Director Sarah Lee, Producer Jamie Isaacs.

Airport, BBC, Fly on the wall documentary, Director/Producer Edwina Varney.

Holiday Programme, BBC, travel series, various Directors and Presenters.

Hampton Court Palace, Bazal Productions, fly on the wall documentary, Director/Producer Claire Hobday.