Russell Edwards AMPS Production Sound Mixer/Sound Recordist

Feature Films and Drama

Heads Of State, Production Sound Mixer 2nd Unit, Stately Productions, Director Ilya Naishuller, Producers Peter Safran and John Rickard.

Kraven The Hunter, Production Sound Mixer Additional Photography, Spiral Productions, Director J C Chandor, Producer Householder and Tolmach.

Masters Of The Air, Production Sound Mixer 2nd Unit, Whirlwind Films, Director Cary Fukunaga, Producers Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks.

Barbie, Production Sound Mixer 2nd Unit, Warner Bros, Director Greta Gerwig, Producer David Heyman.

The Meg 2: The Trench, Production Sound Mixer 2nd Unit, Warner Bros, Director Ben Wheatley Producer Belle Avery.

The Acolyte, Disney, Production Sound mIxer Dailies, Director Leslie Headland, Producer Damian Henderson.

Our Man From Jersey, Netflix, Production Sound Mixer 2nd Unit, Director Julian Farino, Producers Stephen Levinson and Mark Wahlberg.

Magic Mike's Last dance, Sound Design Recordist, Warner Bros, Director Steven Soderbergh, Producer Gregory Jacobs.

Red White and Royal Blue, sound mixer dailies, Amazon Studios, Director Matthew Lopez, Producer Michael S Constable.

Rebecca, Additional Photography, Working Title, Director Ben Wheatley, Producers Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner.

Let Them All Talk, UK Sound mixer, LS Productions, Director Steven Soderbergh, Producer Gregory Jacobs.

Buffering, Season 2 sound mixer, Avalon Prods, Director Sophie King, Producer Sam Michell.

Breeders S3, Avalon Prods, Double bank unit, Director Chris Addison, Producer Dan Kay.

Top Boy 4, (Double bank unit), Well Street Prods, Directors Brady Hood and Miriam Raja, Producer Stella Nwimo.

Chloe, (Dailies), Mam Tor Prods, Director Amanda Boyle, Producer Joanna Crow.

Ragdoll, (Dailies),  Sid Gentle Films, Director Niall Maccormick, Producer Lizzie Rusbridger.

Pale Sister, BBC Arts, Director Trevor Nunn, Producer Andrew Fettis.

Boxing Day, Additional Photography, Boxing Day Prods, Director Aml Ameen, Producer Damian Jones.

Domina, (Dailies), Fifty Fathom Productions, Director David Evans, Producer Phillipa Cole.

Brave New World, All That Ltd, ep4, Director Craig Zisk, Producers Andrew Warren and Chloe Moss.

Ted Lasso, Warner Bros, Dailies, Director M J Delaney, Producer Brendan Hunt,

Breeders S2, Avalon Prods, Double bank unit, Director Ben Palmer, Producer Dan Kay.

Brittania 3, Brittania Films, Dailies, Director Luke Watson, Producer Rupert Ryle-Hodges.

Save Me 2, World Productions, season 2 ep5, Director Jim Loach, Producer Lizzie Russbridger.

Parlour Games, Short Film, Liff Productions, Director Danny Sangra, Producer Tabetha Glass-Jackman.

Ivanov 2, Feature Film January (2020 release), Director and Producer Dmitry Falkovich.

Brittania, Brittania Films, eps 6 and 7, Director Luke Watson, Producer Rupert Ryle-Hodges.

Silence,, Short Film, Athenaeum Prods, Director George Jaques, Producer Jason Flemyn.

Baghhad Cheetah, Short Film, Knucklehead Prods, Director Siri Bunford, Producer Matthew Brown.

Beecham House, Dailies, Beecham Prods Limited, Director Peter Lydon, Producer Caroline Levy.

Britannia, Britannia TV 2nd unit, Director Luke Watson,Producer Rupert Ryle-Hodges

Informer, 2nd unit, Neal street productions Director Jonny Campbell, Producer Julian Stevens.

Surviving Christmas With The Relatives, starring Joely Richardson, feature film, surviving christmas films ltd, Director James Dearden, Producer Nick Hamson.

Fingers Crossed, (short film), starring Jason Watkins, Director Sacha Teulon, Producer Tabetha Glass-Jackman.

Eric Clapton: Life in 12 bars, Feature, Passion Pictures, Director Lilli Fini Zanuck, Producer Stephen Weintraub.

Hard Sun, 2nd Unit, Euston Films, Director Nick Rowland, Producer Hugh Warren.

Dateable, (pilot), Producer Sacha Cohen Barron, Spelthorne community televison.

Jason Bourne, Universal Pictures, Effects Recordist, Director Paul Greengrass, Producer Gregory Goodman.

The Mad Axeman, Feature film, (Dailies), Boudica Green Prods, Director William Kerley, Producer Rebecca Long.

Spectre, B24 Productions, Effects Recordist, Director Sam Mendes, Producer Barbara Broccoli.

Cuffs, Tiger Aspect Productions, Producer Trevor Hopkins, Director Kieron Hawkes, Double bank crew.

Rory Bremners Election Report, Vera Productions, Director Steve Connolly, Producer Geoff Atkinson.

The Removal, (short film), Gay Productions, Director Paul Gay, Producer Conor Keane.

Gods Kingdom, (short film), Kingdom Productions, Director Guy Soulsby, Producer Joe Binks.

Catastrophe, Additional sound season 1 eps 5 and 6, Avalon Productions, Director Ben Taylor, Producer Jack Bayles.

Vicious, starring Ian Mckellen and Derek jacobi, Brown eyed boy prods, dailies, Director Ed Bye, Producer Gary Reich.

London Heist, Gunned Down Productions, Feature Film, Director Mark McQueen, Producer Luke Fairbrass.

Trespass Against Us, starring Michael Fassbender, Potboiler Productions, Feature Film 2nd unit, Director Adam Smith, Producers Andrea Calderwood and Gail Egan.

Glue, Eleven Films, 2nd unit, eps 1 to 5, Producers Jamie Campbell and Joel Wilson.

Papa, starring Giovanni Ribisi and Joely Richardson, Yari Film Productions, Feature Film, Director Bob Yari, Producer Michael Pacino.

Our Robot Overlords, Tempo Productions, Feature Film, Effects Recordist, Director Jon Wright, Producer Ian Flooks.

Wrath of Gods (short film), Director and Producer David Newton.

Skyfall, Broccoli Eon productions, Feature film, Effects Recordist. Director Sam Mendes, Producer Barbara Broccoli.

How To Become An Extreme Action Hero, Aubin Pictures Inc, feature length documentary, Director Catherine Gund, Producer Tanya Selveratnam.

The Sweeney, starring Ray Winstone, Vertigo Films, Feature film, 2nd unit, Director Nick Love, Producer Andrew Macdonald.

Burmese Days, Zoom Films, A feature length theatrical adaptation, recorded, edited and sound designed. Director Ryan Kiggell, Producer Cassius Matthias.

Quantum Of Solace, Broccoli Eon productions, Feature film, Effects Recordist. Director Marc Forster, Producer Barbara Broccoli.

A Very British Gangster, Dare films, feature length documentary, Director Donal McIntyre, Producer David Malone.

The US v John Lennon, Lionsgate Films, feature length documentary, Director David leaf, Producer John Scheinfeld.

Rogues Gallery, Oxford Films, 10 x ½ hour dramas for Discovery, Director Steve Connely, Producer Ed Booth.

Dream Team, Hewland International Productions, Drama Series, Director Terry Lland, Producer Carson Black.

Razor Blade Smile, Starz media, Feature film, Director Jake West, Producer Rob Mercer.

Im Alan Partridge,, starring Steve Coogan, Talkback Productions, series 1 sitcom, Director Dominic Brigstocke, Producer Armando Iannucci.

Sally Kerosene, A short film which won the Houston Gold award for best short, with the Director Steve Barker.

The Knock, Bronson/Knight Productions, Sound Assistant to Trevor Carless, Series 3, Director Geoff Harris, Producer Ken Shane.

Londons Burning, LWT Productions, Sound Assistant to Trevor Carless, Series 9 and 10, Director John Reardon, Producer Paul Knight.

Gullivers Travels, Jim Henson Productions, Sound Assistant to Simon Kaye, Director Charles Sturridge, Producer Duncan Kenworthy.

Family money, Whistling Gypsy Productions, Sound Assistant to John Midgeley, Director Renny Rye, Producer Rosemarie Whitman.

The Bride, short film, Director tom connelly.

The Observer, short film, Director Suna Kaleski.